An Inside Look at Sports’ and CIT Director Jim Rest

When parents drop off at Summer Arts carpool in the morning they are greeted by a smiling, tall gentleman whose name is Jim Rest.  

Jim, the director of our sports and CIT program, is an unusual person who brings amazing energy, enthusiasm and joy to Summer Arts.

Jim has been with us since we started seven years ago and his favorite classes to teach have been Batter Up and Hoops and More. However the highlight for many are his creative Festival Period offerings that include “Hunger Games Dodge Ball”, “Doctor Ultimate Flag Ball” and a wild camper vs. counselor Capture The Flag Game.

What you may not know about Jim:

Jim has been a math teacher at St. Sebastian’s School in Needham, MA for 28 years where he is the chair of the math department.

Jim has a passion for sports  – he has been a marathon runner (he ran the Boston Marathon under four hours), a bicyclist and basketball player. He has coached basketball and cross country for 31 years.

Some of Jim’s interests include cooking (Chicken Cacciatore), gardening (a fan of the Cone Flower), reading for his book club and spending time on the beaches of Cape Cod. He loves music and has seen his three favorite bands live - Cold Play, REM and the Rolling Stones.

Jim believes everything is better with bacon! He loves high quality donuts and one of his favorite deserts is oreo ice cream with hot fudge and whipped cream.

Jim has been working in summer arts programs for 15 years. He was at The Charles River Creative Arts Program in Dover, MA before coming to Summer Arts at CSW. He brings a creative flair to sports and never lets his classes get too competitive or serious. He is always having fun and his good humor and positive spirit are infectious, spreading to all those who are with him!

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