Creativity and Community

As students return to school this fall there is a level of stress that is hard to avoid. 

Whether it’s the pressure to achieve academically, the pressure to do well in sports, or the pressure to fit in socially, there is a lot to navigate for a young person.

That is why the summer experience is so valuable. I believe there can be more possibilities for growth during the summer simply because the anxiety of the school year is removed and one is open to more possibilities. If your child has been feeling the stress of competition or the pressure to be accepted by peers, then summer can play a critical role in giving them the opportunity to breathe, put their best foot forward and be themselves.

This is where Summer Arts at CSW comes in. I strongly believe that being in a stress free environment that is all about creativity can change a child’s life and open them up to possibilities they never knew were there.

Over the summer some children bounce from one camp to the next, attending for one or two weeks. Our two sessions run for three weeks and this longer time frame allows kids to feel part of a community, with more opportunities to make friends and have an in depth experience in the classes they select. When children have ownership in what they do and are in a place where they are supported, encouraged, empowered and cheered on, they grow in confidence and find their voice.

That’s what I love seeing take place here. The Summer Arts community is uplifting and joyous and I know it can help kids get through a challenging school year. I am already looking forward to summer ’18 where as always there will be plenty of excitement, friendship, creativity and laughter!

Toby Dewey - director

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