Summer Arts Program

Information About Summer Arts 2021

While there continue to be many challenges with the ongoing pandemic, we are hopeful that we will be able to return to the Fayerweather Street School in person and continue our program as it was prior to COVID. Children would select their own classes for five periods in a day, have a choice period of different offerings, and participate in a daily Noontime Show. Each three-week session will conclude with an Arts Festival.
In the event we are unable to return to the traditional program we will use a cohort learning model with groups of 15-18 students utilizing two classrooms. The cohorts will offer students ages 8-15 two class choices each period in the day. For instance, you could choose a cohort that has art, film, sports and dance classes, or another cohort might offer photography, textiles, drama and music.
Art Squad (ages 6 and 7) would have two sections of eight students and the program would continue as it has in the past.
We will adhere to all of the state guidelines for health and safety protocols for camps and adapt these guidelines to our building and community. The classrooms have been set up for smaller numbers, the ventilation system has been upgraded and there are now four tents that are used as outdoor classrooms.
While it will take some time to determine the format we will be implementing, we are thrilled about the probability of meeting in person starting at the end of June!

Questions? Please contact program Director, Toby Dewey at

Art Squad: Ages 6-7

For ages 6–7. "Art Squad" is the program for six and seven year olds. Art Squad students have their own group leaders and a set daily schedule. Designed as an introductory multi arts curriculum, the four daily classes include art, drama, movement/ sports and music. The 6th period of the day is a low key time for outdoor play, story time, craft projects, board games and snack. Art Squad attends the daily Noontime Shows and join the older students for lunch. Art Squad participates in the Arts Festivals. Safety, self expression, nurturing young imaginations and summertime fun are all wrapped up into the Art Squad experience!

Summer Arts: Ages 8-15

For ages 8–15. Summer Arts is a six week comprehensive multi-arts program, divided into two three-week sessions. What does multi-arts mean? It means we offer courses in all of the visual arts, dance, drama, music, textiles, media, culinary arts, sports, writing, and music.

Students pick their own classes and after an “add/drop” opportunity, they follow the same schedule daily. Every day from 12:30-1:00 pm the Summer Arts community gathers for the Noontime Show. The Noontime Shows feature performances from classes, individual students, staff and guest artists. In addition to giving students opportunities to perform, Noontime Shows provide exposure to a wide range of creative expression, nurturing a life long appreciation for the arts.

The culmination of each session is the Arts Festival, a celebration showcasing all of the work generated throughout the three weeks. A dance concert, art gallery showings, musical recitals, fashion shows, vocal performances and more grace this special day which is open to families and friends. A musical theatre production is performed the night before and the day of each Arts Festival.

Apprentice Program: Ages 13-15

Summer Arts Apprentice Program is an optional program for 13-15 year old registered campers seeking added responsibilities and a leadership role in the Summer Arts community.
  • Assist with a class of your choice.
  • Once a session plan and run a Festival Period.
  • Weekly activity-based group meetings.
  • Take on leadership at the Arts Festival and other camp events: serve as host(s) of the ice cream socials, Festival Day art gallery opening, or Festival Day ambassadors.
To sign up to be an Apprentice for Summer 2021, send an email to

Deadline: June 1, 2021

Thanks again for pulling together a most spectacular summer session! My older daughter had such a fabulous time writing for the newspaper, learning to play the drums, and developing Edible Office Supplies, and my youngest had the “BEST TIME EVER!!” in Art Squad — they’ll be back next summer for sure!

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